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My name is Khryseis, and I am by no means new to the writing scene, but I am definitely new to Iwaku, so here I am! Hello!

I'm agender, hence my lack of gender on my profile. I am merely a Person. Fear me. (My pronouns are they/them and ne/nem, if you're feeling fancy.) I'm seventeen years old and I'm from Canada. Ayy.

I prefer one x one roleplays but only because I'm most familiar with them! I would be more than wiling to expand my horizons; it's one of the reasons I've joined this site. I love fantasy, historical fiction, science fiction, and everything in between. (Think Star Wars, Star Trek, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Sense8, and you've kind of summarized what I love.)

I love sunshine, beaches, the forest, shade, moonlight, rivers, everything!

Right now, the song stuck in my head is the intro theme to Elmo's World. (I was babysitting a kid for six hours yesterday and Sesame Street was on in the background for ambiance. Over. And over. And over.)

Nice to meet you guys! I'm excited to get started!!


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Sci-Fi, Fantasy, an assortment of others. Ask and you shall receive (an answer).
Welcome to Iwaku, Khryseis. Here, have a cookie and enjoy your stay.
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