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  1. Hello guys. New guy here. Name is Valhite. 17 years old. New to this site and especially new to roleplay and REALLY want to play. If there anyone want to guide me then I would be really grateful :). Thanks and Hello
  2. Hello, Valhite!

    Welcome to Iwaku and hooray for being an untainted sacrifice! I mean.. newbie! Yeah.. newbie.. that's what I meant..

    Ahem. Anyway..

    There are a few options for somebody who is brand spankin' new. First, I would recommend going to the Content section where we have our Institute, because there are a lot of exercises and other things in there that can help you polish up your skills and get you to where you would like to be. Writing isn't like riding a bike.. if you don't constantly work it, you will fall on your face and embarrass your family. Also, writing can be hard, damn it! But we love it! We're all masochists here.

    I'm getting off track.

    Once you've poked around in there - or skipped it because you don't want to - you should decide if you want to try and tackle a 1x1-style Roleplay or a Group Roleplay. Both have advantages and disadvantages. For a newbie, I would personally recommend a 1x1. It's a lot easier to follow when there is only one other person posting. Try and judge your current writing level and go into the requests to see if any plot ideas catch your interest. The reason it's good to know what writing level you're at is because some people prefer to write with partners at certain levels. You don't want to be a person who typically writes three sentences with a partner who writes ten paragraphs. It's just uncomfortable. Once you've got a good partner, get to writing! Most people on here are super willing to work with newbies, so you shouldn't be eaten alive for like at least a week.

    If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! Also, don't trust the ferret.

  3. Thank you for your kind help :D anyway who is ferret?
  4. There's a ferret wandering around on the site. I think he's a stray..
  5. Really? Literally?
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