Hey :) (Your thoughts= "Oh...another noob...yay =-=;")


Gilraen Amandil

Original poster
Just wanted to introduce myself...
I really have
to say so if you have any questions just ask me I guess :/
~*Gilraen Amandil*~
Well... we had a little thing for people who didn't know what to say and post... but that's ok. xD
Hi there and welcome to Iwaku.
I'm Kitti and it's good to meet you.
Don't have any questions or anything, really...
But if you need any help or anything, please feel free to ask.
Don't let em' pressure you with peer. Stay strong and you'll prevail... and also welcome to the site fellow new person...

Dear God.... that cat is still standing so very still....O.O
Why hello and welcome, madam with a really cool name I like to say out loud! :D
Welcome to Iwaku! *Hugs Gil* I'm going to make it a thing were I hug all noobs now....-just decided this-
Welcome! Don't mnd the others we have some "sepcial people" here. INCLUDING ME!
Seems like you already got welcomed haha people are lovely here. Don't worry about not knowing what to say. Soon enough everyone's infectious talking gets to you ^.^ I'm Celeste. It's nice to have you!
Hi there Gilly! I too love your fancy name. Mine is Ossochanter, but you can call me Ozzie. Welcome to the site!

If you need anything, feel free to let me know. :]
Hello there, I am not an Ozzie. As you can clearly tell.

Welcome to the forum. Don't touch anything in my lab...Just trust me on that one.
Hi, welcome...I was new like you a few days ago...seriously. But their insanity is catching, and now I'm one of them. I hope you're ready to become one of us too.
Thanks everyone!
By the way my computer isn't a very nice gadget so I need help doing stuff.
I have a roleplay I want to post but don't know how and would like to change my avatar or profile picture somehow!

You love this name so much xD
Its my elven name~
To change your avatar is easy!
Go to the top right hand corner of Iwaku, where you will see a greeting for you.
"Welcome, yourname" followed by little green buttons called "Notifications" "My profile" and "Settings"
Click on settings!
Then, at the left hand side will be a list of things you can fiddle with.
Hi Gilrrenjfs...Giskdnl.....G! :D

I'm Iliana, the Goddess of Iwaku. I think...I don't know, I just gave myself that title and no one said I couldn't be one so BAM! >:D

Ahhh I am so easily distracted! What was I saying? Oh yeah, Welcome to Iwaku! Have fun prowling and pouncing on role plays and then dominating them because you are supreme. Or maybe thats just me. But yes, ENJOY!
Thank You all again! xD
The madness is catching...OnO