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  1. Pairings:

    Teacher x Student
    Bandmate x Bandmate
    Tutor x Tutored
    Celebrity x Fan
    Popular x Unpopular
  2. Are you looking for female or male characters from other people?
  3. I would like male
  4. Ok. Sorry, I'm not the best at male roles. I hope that you find someone to rp with. Good Luck! :)
  5. Let me finish boo I would like male but fxf is also awesome
  6. Ok. Would you still like to do a rp then?
  7. Yep
  8. Ok. What were you thinking of doing?
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  9. TeacherxStudent
  10. Ok. Which would you like to be the teacher or the student?
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  11. I wanna be student
  12. Cool. Do you want it to take place in a high school or a college? And what were you thinking about for the general age of the characters?
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  13. High school ill be 16
  14. Ok. Sounds good. What were you thinking as a general plot?
  15. Harmless flirting turns more
  16. So it would be a yuri?
  17. Yea
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  18. Sorry, I'm really not interested in doing rps like that. I hope that you are able to find someone else to rp with. :)
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