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  1. Now that I have your undivided attention. Let's begin shall we! I am board as of late and I'm looking for new RP buddy. I have plots but let's face it I'm to lazy to post a bunch of plots so let's brain storm shall we?

    I will rp almost anything but I'm not big on SIFI. Most plots I play the guy and I rarely play female. So PM me and I'll tell you plots from there.
  2. I'm interested in a 1x1.
  3. What kind or rps r u into
  4. Zombie apocalypse, romance, fantasy, dystopian, anything really. Mxf or fxf. Will do sexual situations. Of course, I will do anything really. Not too picky.
  5. Wow my type of player tho I don't do zombies... Hmm I have a plot you might like... Its fury but not xD the dude turns into a wolf or human.
  6. That sounds interesting. I could do that.
  7. Pm me and we can get started.
  8. I'm sorry. I'm new, so could you send me one? I don't know how.
  9. Sure things.
  10. If you are still looking, we can rp together.
  11. Yeah sure just tell me what kind of rps u like.
  12. Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Realistic or Modern, Music / Moive related, Fandoms etc. Generally anything but as for pairings I only do MxF and FxF
  13. http://w.tt/1ERbeNi

    Pick one.
  14. Okay so that one is about a human girl who lives in a world ruled by vampires. Their are a few ranks in vampires, half bloods, pure bloods, and ancestral. Their are 5 Ancestral vampires that are the first ever vampires (like Dracula) they are worshipped in the vampire world and also rule known as the 5 Aristocrat.

    Pure bloods are those that were born vampires the 5A's are not their parents however they did change humans into their kind soon lead to vampires being born generation after generation.

    Half bloods are vampires with one human parent. Nothing is really special about them other then if the mother is human she normally ends up dead giving birth.

    Below them are the humans.
  15. Okay. That sounds good.
  16. Your person doesn't remember much about herself, like name or past how ever she does know she currently works for a lord and how to do things. Only about her self she don't know all of.
  17. I have never done a character like that before. This is sure to be interesting.
  18. ^.^ I'm glad you liked it. If u don't mind one last thing before we start can I get a simple example of your writing. It can be in a pm. After that we can start.
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