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  1. Hello lovelies! I am here today on behalf of a partner which is obvious. Let me start with a little about me and my style of RP.

    •Romance (I can't do a plot based on 100% romance)

    Kind of loves: (I almost always play male)
    What sex do u play.
    •So on!•

    If you are instrested in RPing with me let me know in PM asking the following:

    •What Kind of RP do you like? (Genere)

    •Sexuality of your characters?

    •What kind of races do you play?

    •Are you okay with sexual contents? (I ask because I have few plots that simply suggest it. Some get uncomfortable about even mentioning it.)

    •Just tell me about your style

    From their I should be able to give you a plot I'm sure you will love.
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  2. Can I post all that here, or in a pm?
  3. If u want xD. If I have enough one on one people for one plot I'll willingly make it a group.
  4. Genre:
    I'm willing to try anything but,
    I really like: Adventure,romance, fantasy
    Dislike: horror, scifi

    Sexuality: MxM, MxF

    Anything but zombies

    I'm okay with sexual content within reason, as in no rape, I like characters to have a relationship before sex.

    I'm pretty go with the flow. I'm trying to learn to be adaptable.
  5. Horror is a pain to write plots for and I'm not big into SciFi of zombies so we r good. xD

    I might have one or two plots.
  6. War...war never changes.

    In the 1800s era of the land, Revé. War takes over the country. A war that last for twenty long years leaving the land dank and desolate, covered with the spiderwebs of old structures that have crumbled down to their skeletons, and trees that seem to be stripped of their vibrant hues and replaced with a broken version of life.

    This war took more then the beauty of the once dark country but its Queen. The countries war left its beloved Queen nothing more then a fragment of her once glory. She was now nothing but a spirit. Using the last of her powers to bring the war to an end.

    Now in Revé, the darkness thrives, hiding the conflicts of the darker creatures that roam the earth as they hunt for a sustainable life; one of which is hidden away, concealed as an amulet with a stone of vibrant ruby. A stone that can restore glory to the Queen and her land. Now, three of the lands people attempt to find it along side their Queen, hoping to free themselves from the broken version of live they appear to live in.

    (We could do this with us playing a third person or something)
  7. Yeah so PM me and we can cover any questions and maybe a quick character analysis
  8. Very thought out, I'm willing to try it!
  9. @Shinari just thought since you described your sex scene preferences I'd remind you that sex scenes with Titana are off the table as she is a teen member and you could both get yourselves and the site in real life legal trouble!
  10. Im aware
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  11. Just checking~

    It's a pretty important rule, so I feel like it's better to risk telling someone something they already know, than to assume and have someone break a rule that could have been avoided :)
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