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Will you be my partner in crime?

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  1. Hello wonderful people of iwaku! I am PhantomThief715 aka Sephiria. I am not new to the site nor role-playing. I've been role playing for a good 5 to 6 years and I am here today on a search.

    I do not ask for much but here is what I ask for.

    • I want someone who can post rather quickly most of the time. I get it if your busy, it's understandable just let me know. I myself get busy with club activities being the president of my schools anime club and working.

    • Bouncing around with ideas. I like to bounce ideas around so don't be scared to say something to me.

    • Legitimate writing skills. It does not have to be perfect but be readable and understandable. I use my phone so sometimes auto-correct will put in a random words.

    •This is not a must. I am a writer, I write stories on wattpad and for those who are willing I will turn our role plays into stories for others to read. Credit is given where needed.

    • I am preferably looking for someone to be a long term partner who can play females. I often play males because I find it more interesting.

    • When needed you must be able to play multiple characters. I often do so I have more to write when I don't have much for my one character to do.

    • I am looking for someone who is also willing to do small group rps. I know this is not a group request I just want to know your well rounded.

    • I play most genres but my favorites are fantasy and modern with magic twist. I like magical creatures and Greek gods.

    If requested I'll post a few plots. Any questions comments or concerns let me know.
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  2. Hey there~ I'm interested.

    Magical creatures as in shapeshifters, nekos, angels, demons, etc?
  3. I'm interested as well though, I prefer 1x1 over groups. I can role-play just about anything yet, I'd prefer to do so through PMs.
  4. I'm interested, but first I would love to hear your ideas over PM. I don't want to lead you on if the plots aren't my cup of tea :3
  5. Very much so!
  6. I do pms anyways. Easier to have them all in one spot.
  7. YAY! then I'm totally interested in rping with you
  8. Question, what genres are you interested in? I specialize in horror, suspense, and adventure type plots.
  9. hey im interested in rping with you i love rping i have been for about a year now and looking for something else like nekos and demons and angels please consider accepting me :)
  10. I'm up for most types. Not much scifi though.
  11. Interesting
  12. If you are still looking pm me. I am interested~
  13. Hello, I am also interested if you are still looking, I specialize in horror, grimdark, fantasy, some romance and many other aspects of roleplay. I would also love to help you with ideas. PS- Looking for someone to help set up a wolf roleplay, you in?
  14. I'm kinda interested in roleplaying with you! Can we try bouncing around some ideas in PM?
  15. I'm interested too :)
  16. I'm very interested in bouncing around some ideas with you if you're still looking~
  17. He, I'm interested! It would be cool to do something relating to the Greek Gods? Maybe with a darker twist if you're interested?
  18. Ah, you sound perfect for me! I'm on Wattpad as well, although I haven't posted anything new for months. I do 1x1 and group RPs, with a focus on high fantasy and romance. However, I can handle pretty much any other genre as well and I'm always looking to expand my horizons. I primarily play females, and can most definitely play multiple characters. :)

    If you're still looking, please consider me!
  19. I'm very interested and would love to be a roleplaying partner with you. I also sent you a message through your PM. Thought it would be easier to chat there if that's alright.
  20. Your avatar looks just like my cat 0.0
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