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  1. OKOKOK! Well lets see here... I need answers! Since I haven't been here long enough to do this on my own I need a bit of help from you all.

    WEAPONS! WE all see diff. weapons popping up in the cbox. What three have been your favorite (and who is the one to have it on them and use it the most)! PM your answers to me. PLEASE!


    This will all be used to create a top ten list! THANK YOU PEOPLE OF IWAKU!...I am not in your debt.
  2. Divisional Arty.

    I keep a battalion of M-122 Sledgehammer self propelled howitzers on call at all times just in case I need a barrage of 155mm Point Det HE rounds. Not much can survive a blanket of fire like that.
  3. -nods like she understood all he just said-

  5. And Heavy blades and bastard swords...
  6. The guns in Painkiller.

    For your basic weapon, we have the holy weedwhacker/jesus laser.

    Then there is the shotgun/freeze ray...

    The stake gun/grenade launcher..

    The one that shoots shurikens and lightning..

    and the rocket launcher/minigun.

    Stake Gun is my personal favorite, for pinning enemies to walls. So fun.
  7. Ok, weapons are good, you are all naming them...but please list WHO uses the things you have listed as well!
  8. Pantsless = me.

    Also, there's my zilla form, and Rory's RANDOM.

    That's a weapon in the 48 states that matter (I'm looking at you North Dakota and Alaska).
  9. The painkiller guns are used by...that guy you play as in painkiller.

    He has a name and a plot, it just doesn't matter. What matters is there are demons to kill. Lots and lots of demons.
  10. The TF-gun

    It has made it's way to Iwaku Lore and is currently being used by the shapeshifters in IW.
    Originally brought to Iwaku by the "Lycan Queen"

    I think me and Neko Archy are the only ones occasionally still using it. It's used to transform any organic creature into any OTHER organic creature. The bigger the change, the more power it takes. It can also change genders and/or general appearance.

    the true origins of the TF-gun however is a comic called "El Goonish Shive" A recommended read for people who like chaos (and genderbending)
  11. mine
    Neko Additive
  12. I love my Giant Squeeky Hammer, of course.
    Hmm...I miss 4got10angl's Frying Pan showing up every once in a while.
  13. Tentacles. I has them.
  14. He caught her and spun her around. "She should have been here hours ago."
  15. Wet trouts. 'Nuff said.
  16. The wonderous power of Mad Script. Who needs a weapon when you have an arsenal at your fingertips?