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  1. "Vicky already has a bit of a superiority complex. But Eve is pure." Ichiru frown, "I prefer she stays that way."
  2. "I'm confident they will mature they way God ment them too." *john smiled brightly as he pet ichiru a head*
  3. "I do have another family.." Diane mumble softly. "Also, she raised me mostly."

  5. "It's not like I'm going to be the cause." *alex laughed
  6. "No, but you and Mars will be right in the middle of it. Also, she gave you full custody of me. I didn't appreciate that the one time you both agree on something was locking away my memory but considering I undid that when I was 200, I guess we're even."
  7. The guns in Painkiller.

    For your basic weapon, we have the holy weedwhacker/jesus laser.

    Then there is the shotgun/freeze ray...

    The stake gun/grenade launcher..

    The one that shoots shurikens and lightning..

    and the rocket launcher/minigun.

    Stake Gun is my personal favorite, for pinning enemies to walls. So fun.
  8. "Don't worry your. Father is invincible now a days." *alexander laughed* "besides mars takes after me well. I'd say there are 10....no 13 beings currently alive that can kill her easily in this whole universe. Only 2 are currently on earth."
  9. Pantsless = me.

    Also, there's my zilla form, and Rory's RANDOM.

    That's a weapon in the 48 states that matter (I'm looking at you North Dakota and Alaska).
  10. "Invincible but vulnerable." Diane glance to the bedroom, "I don't want you to lose yourself again."
  11. The TF-gun

    It has made it's way to Iwaku Lore and is currently being used by the shapeshifters in IW.
    Originally brought to Iwaku by the "Lycan Queen"

    I think me and Neko Archy are the only ones occasionally still using it. It's used to transform any organic creature into any OTHER organic creature. The bigger the change, the more power it takes. It can also change genders and/or general appearance.

    the true origins of the TF-gun however is a comic called "El Goonish Shive" A recommended read for people who like chaos (and genderbending)
  12. "Don't worry , I'll always return."
  13. I stuffed myself~ Felt good. Hope everyone had a great Christmas/Other Holidays
  14. Christmas yesterday was fun :3
  15. Here's a whole list of preferred weapons:

    Field Commander Carl McCarthy

    XM-32 Wraith Advanced Battle Tank
    Primary: M-117 120mm Rifle
    Secondary: MGM-71 Saber Quad Missile Launcher
    Tertiary: M-2HB in Tank Commander's cupola
    A new main battle tank intended to replace entire variants of the M-6 Crusader tank, the Wraith uses all lessons learned of tank battles and uses all the failures to improve upon it's design. The Wraith also has a mounted missile launcher giving it a firepower boost and the ability to tangle with the natural predator of the tank: the helicopter gunship. Unfortunately it is still considered an experimental weapons platform in need of further testing and evaluation before adoption into the Independent State Armed Forces.

    Carl also relies upon his Laser Designator for which he uses to call on his Divisional Arty.

    Colonel Archetype

    Archetype's weapons vary however they always follow a similar theme: really, really fucking sharp. From hir beloved Interceptor knives to hir constructs, Archetype is a nightmare in close quarters combat.

    First Sergeant 'Topp' Topper

    Topp's most feared weapon is his headbutt. It is his solution for everything.

    Lieutenant Julius Ryker

    Ryker is a crack shot with a rifle. His training in the US Marine Corps turned him into a marksman. His other weapons include the 'Cavalry Sabers,' a pair of M-9 pistols rechambered for the .40 S&W and 'Tyrant's Delight,' a Desert Eagle Mk XIX chambered for the .50 AE. When he does run out of ammo and his adrenaline levels are maxed out Ryker will rely upon more natural armaments. Being a lycan gives him all he needs in a fight sometimes.

    However these pale in comparison to his deadliest weapon: his charisma. Ryker has recruited millions and sent just as many to their deaths.

    He didn't coerce them.

    He didn't bribe them.

    He didn't infect them with a virus.

    He simply spoke to them.

    Captain Road Rage
    M-103A1 Paladin IV/Laser Paladin
    Primary: LC-90 Beam Cannon
    Secondary: Point Defense Laser Pod
    The final evolution of the Laser Paladin heavy battle tank, this weapons platform is easily recognizable against the Paladin II Final with it's completely redesigned hull and cannon. Instead of firing a single burst the Paladin IV fires a continuous beam of energy at a target, melting through even Explosive Reactive and composite armor alike. To compensate for being a heat seeking missile magnet the Point Defense Laser has been improved with a faster fire rate.

    Road Rage also prefers the M-500 shotgun as it is his 'boomstick.'

    Major Scavenger
    No one has actually seen Scavenger fight. What can be determined is that he is an expert with demolitions, particularly IEDs.
  16. Happy holidays
  17. The wonderous power of Mad Script. Who needs a weapon when you have an arsenal at your fingertips?