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  1. "Says who?" Harmony look defensive.
  2. Hello!

    I'm afraid not, as humans from our world coming directly into Narnia like the Pevensies, usually happens on behalf of Aslan, or via Susan's horn.

    Where this roleplay takes place, Caspian X's teacher has the horn, and Aslan? Well, he isn't a tame lion.

    Either way, thank you so much for expressing interest! Currently there is only one spot left, with the Old Narnians.
  3. "She is young but not stupid. Besides, she wasn't the girl I was talking about."
  4. "Nature."
  5. "I won't."
  6. Oh God, I just made myself cringe with my last post. Now I'm sort of hoping the bolt doesn't hit, because that's brutal.
  7. When I woke, I didn't prepare myself for Pokemon bullet punching Captain America.
  8. When I woke up, I didn't expect Ant-Man punching a medical examiner in the face.
  9. "Huh?" Kunari look at him, "Then who do you have your talented eyes on?"
  10. Black: Rest In Piece, ___.

    Black: Rot In Pieces, ___.

    White: Literally any character in any Murder Game ever.
  11. *looks at my latest Little Guy post*


    I know what happens to pacifists under Umbrella's rule... But I don't see Navel doing anything else. Rest In Peace, Little Guy.
  12. "What? That's not good."
  13. "She's Alena's daughter."
  14. "She's a child, they'll take her away from me."
  15. "Their Alena is a vampire queen."
  16. "Alex is her father."
  17. "That's unusual. The brat sister of yours scare her. Her words, not mine."
  18. Kunari choke on her tea and started coughing.
  19. "We can go back."
  20. "We have four beautiful kids."