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  1. With college coming to a close, I have been wanting to do some urban fantasy RPs in preparation of a series of short stories I want to write in the sub-genre.

    If you're unfamiliar with the idea, urban fantasy involves fantasy tropes/characters set in a contemporary world. In this case, fantasy creatures are part of human society and function much like humans, but due to differences and history there continues to be tension and problems.

    So while there will be a good amount of sexual themes and content, I dont want it to eclipse an actual plot. I'm comfortable with a number of kinks, but again dont want it to be all about exploring the kink.

    Here are some of the roles I want to play, as a female. They can be paired with any character you can think of as we hash out details.


    The Armorer (open)
    Janice's father Vance was known in the superhero/villain community as The Armorer, designer of the armor worn by heroes and villains throughout the world who didn't have the time or resources to build and maintain their ensemble on their own. He also consulted on their weapons from time to time, but only when the problem seemed worth his time. He was a true genius of his time, using synthetic and biological (both terrestial and alien) material, along with technical and magical expertise to craft his masterpieces.

    He accepted cash or electronic payments for his services. If a client was unable to pay, he used a special magical contract to ensure he could collect on their debt in the future in the form of a personal favor.

    Unfortunately Time and Death caught Vance eventually, leaving Janice to take up the mantle of The Armorer. She has worked alongside her father all her life, has earned the same degrees, and is ready to take on her father's clients and new ones.

    Regina and Reggi (open)

    Name: Regina and Reginald "Reggi" Veil
    Age: 16
    Race: Jekyll/Hyde. Basically they are two entities in the same body.


    Regina is very outgoing, and eager to please. She believes in free love, and peace to the point of being naive.
    Jack is more cynical and nihilistic, but manages to be charming.
    Regina is an exhibitionist, and prefers sex in places other than the bedroom.
    Jack is very much a voyeur, and documents his sexual exploits with his various cameras(he has hidden and conventional of both types)
    Dom,Sub or Switch: Regina prefers sexual equality and doesn't believe in dom/sub. Jack takes the more dominant role when active.
    A descendant of the infamous Dr. Jekyll, whose unique condition was passed on to many family lines through the sexual exploits of Mr. Hyde. Regina/Jack is the result of an unlikely union between the music mogul Roger Veil and Farah Jackson, a well-known poet and author. Regina was technically born first, with Jack manifesting when she reached the age of five. The two entities have reached a begrudging peace between themselves, but still fight over control now and then.

    Will update as I think of more, but PM me if interested!
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  2. Back online and still looking!
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