Hey you artists! I need some help!

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  1. I wasn't really sure where to post this, but thought that General might get the most looks. So here's the dealy-o!

    Even though I'm artistic myself, doing simplistic and minimalistic designs is just not my forte. So, I was thinking that I would see what the dear denizens of Iwaku have to offer! I'm willing to pay for this project so I'm looking for something professional, y'all!

    The Details: I'm preggo and planning a Totoro/Ghibli nursery. Sounds pretty awesome right? Well I'm looking for some art and my mind has dreamed up an alphabet chart of my favorite Ghibli characters! The problem is that despite my scouring the internets, such a thing seems not to exist. That's where you come in.

    Any takers? Feel free to PM me and we can talk details! I would love to see examples of your work and maybe know what you might charge or how long it might take to complete the project. (Not too much of a rush- the kiddo won't be here until October!)

    Some examples of what I'm looking for:




  2. Do some looking around in the Writing & Art Museum threads, Dali. :3 You'd be surprised what help you can find there. Also, I think your idea is adorable so I just want to be supportive and bump the thread with a post. lol

    I'd so some browsing around Etsy.com too! You could request for someone to customize the alphabet for you, and there are Totoro items available for babies there. Like this and this!

    I don't do art, but I do know my way around the internet. xD Plus I have a baby boy due on March 13th, so you can imagine how much shopping and research I've done for themes and all that junk. Feel free to ask for some help finding things if you want. I'm all obsessed about babies lately since mine will be here sooooon~

    Congrats. :3