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  1. Hey, I heard that you have to post a thread here when you're new in the Iwaku roleplaying community to say 'hi', so... Hi! My name is Annie and I've recently joined here. I am not experienced in roleplaying, so I'll be learning from you lovely boys and gals or simply of neither gender or both! So, I'm looking forward to the roleplays I may join and I hope we can get along well!

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  2. *takes a bow* Many greetings and I hope you have a wonderful time and many adventures here!
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  3. Howdy Annie! Welcome to the community! <3
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  4. Thank you, guys, for taking the time to welcome me! That was literally a warm welcome and I'm happy. Thank you!
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  5. Don't feed the Dianas.

    Feed me.


    Oh yeah.

    Hey and stuff.


    Late but, I r newb.

    I play by my own rules.

    Which suspiciously co-aligns with Iwaku's.

    Great minds think alike.

  6. Hawii! Hope you stay long and have fun! (: Maybe we can roleplay sometime!
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