Hey Y'all!

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  1. Hey there Y'all.
    My name is Dani-Elle, but y'all can call me Dani.
    I'm from Southern Canada, born and raised on a farm.
    I work in an assembling factory that makes seatbelts and help out on the family farm.
    I am 21 years young.
    On my days/time off work, I enjoy sitting around a campfire with a few drinks and friends.
    I read on rainy days and bake when I'm bored.
    I have been roleplaying for as long as I can remember being able to use the Internet. And find myself addicted to it, especially if to a twisting and evolving plot/story with interesting characters.
    I am currently doing a roleplay that's on our 3rd year.
    I am a fan of one on ones where we play more than one character. Easier than keeping track of a group of people. And keeps it alive longer.
    I like fantasy and sci-fi roleplays, not really a fan of vampires or werewolves though.
    I am new here, but I am not shy!
    If you want a new wonderful and bubbly roleplay partner who will get a reply to you more than once a day then I'm your girl.
    Hope to hear from y'all soon!!!
  2. Hi, Dani-Elle and welcome! You have a PM. ;)
  3. Well, welcome to the site! If you need anything, I always have fresh cookies and good advice!