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  1. So, I'm Twitter-hikari, but you can call me Twitter-chan. Some of my favorite genres to play are fantasy/romance and school/romance. I do like having the romance sub-genre in addition to whatever else may be up. I started role playing in my D&D group, but my goup disbanded and I have been searching for something that I can do without being physically present. his site is one of those wonderful things. So, based on my D&D stuff, I can play a halfling rouge. Otherwise, I can do the whole innocent schoolgirl as I am presently. I am good at adapting so I can try anything once and will likely pick it up. Right now, my favorite song is Just Be Friends from Vocaloids.
    Hope you have fun on the site, and drop me a PM.
  2. Heyo! Welcome! Hope to see you around!
  3. Fellow newbie and perhaps, Vocaloid fan?
    Pleased to meet you!
  4. Totes a Vocaloid fan. I fell in love with Miku and then it branched from there.
  5. ;u; Augh yay, amazing.
    I just got back on the Vocaloid scene with Gumi's stuff but Miku's quite lovable! Do you have any other favorites?
  6. Len and Rin hold a special place, as do Oliver, Kaito, Gakupo and Meiko. Who do you like to listen to?
  7. Ah yes, the twins are classic. Have you ever listened to Meltdown covered by them? It's wonderfulll. *q*
    I haven't heard of Oliver, but I do love Gakupo also!

    Just curious, but have you ever roleplayed any Vocaloids?
  8. I do believe that Oliver is one of the english speaking vocaloids, but I could be wrong about that. Right now I'm on a whole chorus kick, but yes I have hear the twins singing meltdown. Amazing.
    No, I haven't roleplayed vocaloid, simply because I was afraid that I would flub something. I'd be interested though.
  9. Ah, really? Shall we make a plotting thread? :)
  10. That would be cool. It would probably jsut be a plotting thread, because I'm tied up in three or four other rps right now.