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Hey, where'd the lights go? (Now in the right section!)

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by An Angry Hussar, Aug 30, 2014.

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  1. I apparently put this in the wrong section before. Oops.

    I'm sure nobody here is unaccustomed to post-apocalyptic roleplay. You know, duking it out with desert nomads ala Mad Max. Laying waste to Super Mutants with Laser Gatling Guns or fighting off hordes of zombies with broomsticks and sledgehammers. The stereotypical stuff, right?

    I'm looking for something post-apocalyptic in nature. However, I'm shying away from the grandiose expectations of Mad Max 'tank of juice' tropes, silly mutants and boring zombies. I'm looking forsurvival as stated in the pre-fix. Two people meeting, learning how to survive and thriving in a world that has turned upside down from anevent. What is this world? What was the event? Since you've asked:

    The roleplay would take place six hours after the beginning of World War III. Russia and the United States initiated a nuclear exchange among themselves. Yet, no nukes fell. There were no mushroom clouds or cratered holes in the ground. Instead, the Earth became oddly silent as machines began to die. Everything from the aeroplane to the electric razor stopped working at precisely 1836EST.

    More frighteningly for the survivors, almost every form of 'modern' mechanical technology has ceased functioning. Police officers, attempting to combat the early signs of looting and violence, have quickly learned their stockpiles of firearms and tear gas are no longer working. Without easy means of defense, whole cities are being brought to the torch by mass hysteria and fear.

    I'm looking for a woman to join my character in a world like this. Interested? Send me a PM. You can also reply to the post, but I'll just wind up PMing you afterwards.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.