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  1. Hey, nice to meet you- I'm Riot. I'm a senior in high school who's been RPing for a good couple of years now, jumping around from site to site, and this one seems really rad so far. I'm the type of person who will get way too attached to my characters, and probably yours too. While I don't have any overpowering biases, I do tend to see myself leaning towards RPs with a modern setting and tolerable amounts of fantasy sprinkled in. I'm a big fan of TV shows like American Horror Story, Supernatural, Hannibal, The Walking Dead, and Teen Wolf, as well as other fandom related things like Youtubers, Marvel, and Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit, just to name a few. I've also seen a formidable pile of anime series that'd take a while to list off. Oh, and not to forget, I'm a tad obsessed with music, and have probably lost at least a third of my hearing from going to shows.

    Hmm, another fun (?) fact is that I have twelve piercings and dye my hair a lot. But I'm also a big baby. So I look pretty punk but in reality I'm fairly lame and will probably hug you if you give me food. I also draw sometimes, when I'm not too lazy to find my illusive tablet pen. (That thing drops into different dimensions, I swear.) So look forward to that -shaky thumbs up-

    Anyhow I love you.

    Now comere' and let me touch your face.
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  2. Welcome to the website, Riot! (:
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  3. Thank you for the warm welcome Alexa! I'm already loving it here.~
  4. Welcome to the website Riot!! I'm new here myself.
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  5. Oh hey! It's nice to meet you Dani! How are you liking things so far?
  6. I'm good, I haven't really gotten anything started yet but would like to.
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  7. Salutations call me neko
    I can totally agree on being attached to characters I hope you enjoy rping here
    If you need any help finding good RP'S don't be shy I don't bite
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  8. @Danigirl
    I'm glad to hear that, good luck with finding some cool RPs!


    Hi Neko! Right? Designing characters is just the best~
    Thanks so much, I'll definitely drop you a message if I find myself completely lost.
  9. Thanks Riot! I'll keep looking for things that apply to my interest, I'll rp with pretty much anyone.
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  10. Would you like to help me and cheese we need some admin for the rp
  11. Neko I assume your talking to me?
  12. Indeed
  13. Oh okay um.. Sure I'd like to help you out.
  14. @Danigirl
    Do you have any plots you've been craving? I'm pretty much up for anything. I'll PM you if you're interested.~
  15. @Riot I have a vampire oriented Romeo, Juliet Rp I'd like to do if your interested. I tried to put up a thread but I don't think it went through cause I can't find it.
  16. @Danigirl
    Sure! I'll message you and we can figure something out.
  17. Message Reply sent. @Riot
  18. @Aristotle My role is what exactly? Do I simply just say I'm there to admin? Also the theme isn't cheesy at all.
  19. @Danigirl
    You would be playing as staff or one of the original patient s
    (Once RP starts all new comers are new patients,inspectors,etc)
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