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  1. I'm a person in New York who does things like work, study philosophy, and sit on the internet.
    Music is a cool thing. I like art too, especially making it.

    I identify as queer, take great pride in my music selection but am always open to suggestions, and cook a lot.
    Some fav. books, authors, and tv shows include:
    Jonathan Safran Foer
    Cormac McCarthy
    Diana Wynne Jones
    Neil Gaiman
    Picture of Dorian Grey
    Doctor Who
    The Avengers (flim)
    The Ultimates (1 & 2)
    Watchmen (the book; the film was shit)
    Harry Potter (books more than films)
    Other people I can't think of at the moment.

    I can be found on tumblr at samhatesspam.tumblr.com

    It's real late here, and I have class in the morning, so I'm gonna try to get some sleep. Feel more than welcome to ask whatever you want, and I look forward to meeting all you lovely people.
  2. I like Diana Wynne Jones too. 8D I am hoping to read more of her books.

    Welcome to the site, Sam!
  3. I am Iliana and I like....fire...and stuff. :D

    Welcome to the Community, Sam, and we don't allow spam here so yer guud! If you need something, let me know! Enjoy your role plays!
  4. Heya, Sam hates spam..Spam hates Sam..One of those ways right? Right!

    The Avengers is my favorite film. OH YEAH CAPT.

    But welcome to Iwaku!

    If you need something or have questions, bug a staff member!
  5. Hi Sam! I like music too. And I also have a tumblr. Obviously this means we are meant to be best friends.

    or something.
  6. Aw, man, everyone's so friendly! Thanks for all the lovely posts.

    Diana, I'd be so down for a DWJ rp sometime.

    Thanks, Iliana! Fire is pretty badass.

    Juku: Coulson all the way, but Capt is pretty rad too.

    Melia, what's your url?
  7. to-my-yeah-yeah.tumblr.com beware there is fangirling there though. A lot of it.