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I understand the world is turning to shit at this moment. From the disease to the violence on the streets. It's very dark, and social media isn't a place you can run to, to hide from it all. You can't hide from it all, and it can get stressful. If you're someone being affected by whats going on in the world, let me remind you. You're fucking amazing, bro. No homo, but you're amazing and can get through this. It ain't no 2012, calm down. Breathe. You sometimes forget how to breathe, huh? You forget to realize you still got a roof over your head, and at least can eat something. Realize you got internet at the moment to reach out to people across the globe. You have access to limitless knowledge waiting for you to discover it. If you have someone beside you, you have them. If you're alone, you have yourself. You have the internet, and a community willing to help you out in times like this. You've got friends, or internet friends, or even pets there to cry on bro. You're gonna be okay if life at the moment is crashing in on you. If you feel anxiety because of what is going on, it's okay, but breathe boo book.

You a bad bitch.
You are the fucking shit.
That skin, it looking pretty flawless.

You a strong, bad bitch.
Bad bad bad bitch.

It's 3 am for me, and I can't think straight but I wanted to say this. I've been doing it across several Role-play sites. Y'all need to know you are amazing, and fucking strong bro. You like able to be as strong as Godzilla if you truly wanna be. You can do that atomic breathe, and survive this shit. You got it.

Remember, when you sad, look in themirror and remember you is a bad bitch, capable of anything and everything.
You deserve the world you beautiful creature.
And if people tryna put you down, realize y'all all bleed red. Y'all all have skin that can be sliced with a blade.
Ain't no one stronger. If everyone didn't have something in their hands and stood alone, they are as vulnerable as everyone else.

You is a bad bitch.
You is strong alone.
You got this bad bitch.