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Hey this is such an interesting title (so you should click on it)

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by XWhySoSeriousX, Aug 10, 2015.

  1. Hi everyone! I am here like everyone else and would love to find new partners.

    Now I won't make this all colorful (because I'm lazy n' stuff), I won't even drown you with so many rules and expectations. But some of the things I do want to say is

    1. I am looking for an intermediate or adept partner. There is nothing more that would make me upset if I give you three paragraphs and you give me a sentence.

    2. I do all forms of pairings (my favorite being FxF so that's what most of these plots would be)

    3. I DO NOT and I will repeat DO NOT roleplay the whole submissive/dominant thing. I am a dominant and submissive role player but I can't stand when someone will not even open up to new ideas and try being a dominant so that means no dominant or submissives but versitiles instead.

    4. Please ask if you have any questions, I don't bite and I would love to hear your ideas. Meaning I don't want to be the only person coming up with something so just open up. We can't be partners if you can't even convey your thoughts to me >_<

    Now I have lots of plots and pairings but I will not post them here because I want to hear from my partner before I speak my ideas. But please I love anything ranging from Historical Fiction to Modern Fantasy (I don't like horror or furries though either).

    I actually have an ideas revolving around the movie I, Origins that I would love to talk about with a partner.

    So please just contact me over ok or down below so that we could discuss some things and I could get some new partners!!

    (I know this isn't good but go along with me, I'm just a bit tired)