Hey there!

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  1. Let's see, where to start...?

    Oh well! My name *coughaliascugh* is Serafina Battaliga, but you can call me Fina. I'm old enough. I like different things, hate some stuff and the things I like to do are my hobbies. Aren't I detailed?

    I hope we can all be friends!
  2. You might wanna get that cough checked out..>:D

    But hello and welcome to Iwaku..I'm the Wabbawolfe...one of the people that runs Iwaku's one stop shop for seemingly anything anime related..The Box Set..look around Iwaku..make yourself at home and have fun.
  3. heya welcome to the the forum...s?
  4. Welcome to Iwaku, Fina! I like your personality. So little words that say so much...interesting.

    Ready to hurry up and rp?! Join in any of the
    Jump In's we have already which require no bio! Just jump in play!
  5. Thank you all! And Wabbawolfe, it's natural. It's allergies or something. *coughI'mlyingcough*
  6. Allergies eh...your allergic to...ME?! aint it..its totally me that your allergic to ;_;
  7. Welcome to Iwaku!
    and allergies suck >.< but I think most everyone falls victim to them at some point.
  8. No no! It's the air... *coughImeanthemoronscough* Excuse me...
  9. Yeaahhh... Well I'd rather be oblivious and say it is allergies ^.^
  10. Welcome to Iwaku! I'm October.

    There is so much awesome here you'll have awesome to go with your awesome while you awesome.

    Let us know if you need anything, help finding a game to join or just a general questions about the site.
  11. Hello there Finay! xD Lol that sounds weird but still >.< Don't judge me! Anywayssssssssss Welcome to the Community! My name is Raimy or Rina. Please, if you have any questions do not be afraid to ask! Other than that, you are good to go...I guess >> -gives cough drops-
  12. Welcome to Iwaku, Fina!

    Please, have your medicine.

    I usually greet new people with cookies or something sweet, but, health comes first.

    Have fun and see you around!
  13. Cybernite! Can I still have cookies..? After my medicine?
  14. *rolls eyes*

    Here you go...



  15. I is! *nomming on cookies* By the way, that medicine tastes bad...
  16. Yes, go be awesome. :D Welcome, Fina! You know the last time I read the name Serafina was... Queen of the Witches? From the His Dark Materials series. Anyway. Welcome to Iwaku!
  17. So much coughing...


    Nope, there's no use denying it. You're a zombie. Welcome to the community, Zombiefina! 8D
  18. I'm not a zombie... I'm a reincarnated Spirit! The coughing is natural though, just my dead lungs attempting to work again. I gotta get a new body...