Hey there (^.^)/

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  1. Hi! My name's Pink!. I'm an awkward turtle so it may take some time for me to actually ask someone to RP so until then ask me. Somewhere on my profile there should be a bio thing about me so read that an learn a thing. It's been a while since I last RPed on any media so if I mess anything up I apologize in advance. Heh... Hope to RP with ya. ~PGC
  2. Welcome Pink!!!

    Hope you to enjoy your stay here!!!

    Don't be shy, just go and get into one :D but if you want an invitation and you are okay with group RPs you can go and check mine *Link in my signature*
  3. Welcome Pink! I'm Pink too! :D
  4. There's a bit of something for everyone around here. Look around, reach out to a few groups or potential partners(most people are open enough around here from what I've found), and have fun building and RPing in your shared worlds.
  5. Welcome! I'm new as well, and just started today. Hope to see you in some forums!
  6. Uh? Welcome then Rosa!!
  7. Thank you all so much! I feel very welcomed and reassured. I appreciate it so very much.
  8. Hai Hai~
  9. No problem. Enjoy the website!
  10. Welcome welcome it's a pleasure. Look around and you'll find wonder without measure. My name is Esper and I love puns. I hope we can RP and have some fun. : )
  11. I see what you did there >w<
  12. welcome aboard mate! got a few RPs that need players if your interested.
  13. Hi there, welcome to the site, Pink! :D