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  1. I signed up today, my real name is Jennifer but I preferred to sign up with my character's name. So feel free to call me Casper. Casper or Jenn, doesn't matter to me. I imagine it's obvious but I'm a girl, Casper is a boy. I'm new to this site but certainly not to role playing, I have been role playing for a long time. Casper (without meaning to) has sort of become my online "alias", that's what everyone on Facebook and DeviantART call me now. I just wanted to clarify that Casper IS a separate character of mine and NOT a self insertion.

    I enjoy literate role plays but do accept plenty of other types, just PLEASE no one liners, they are very difficult for me to respond to (unless it's an extremely detailed sentence, which I doubt).

    I like to role play with either just one person or in a small group, anything over 4 people can be overwhelming with too many responses flying everywhere. The MAXIMUM I have done has been with 4 people and even that was a bit much. Typically I like to keep group role plays at 3 people.
  2. WELCOME TO THE SITE!!!!!!!!

    Unfortunate for you, (GREAT for me Dx) I am currently at my table eating breakfest and getting ready for a job I would rather burn to the ground then actualy go to. I may not be joking. May not....

    -Minutes of rambling later-

    Oh I have something important to say?

    WELL, joking and maybe joking aside, I want to say that here at RPG Iwaku, we have every possible genre under the sun. (And some great rps underground -wink wink- maybe, I would have to check x.x ) -adds it the list.- We also have TONS, well maybe only one literal ton of people, that are just waiting, though they may not know this, FOR YOU! So go out there and meet people, stay away from strangers who ramble on.... for no reason.... at all.

    I...... have not had coffee yet.

    Welcome to the dark side, You'll love it here.
  3. Howdy Jenn! :D Welcome aboard the Iwaku train!