Hey there!!

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  1. I am a fresh piece of meat here. Hoping to do some fun rps!

    Hmm, I really like adventure, scifi and action. For example I did an island survival and prison break before. I like romance too but not a story solely based on romance. If anyone wants to rp with me, by all means chat me up!
  2. Hi there fresh meat, Kavadora! Welcome to the siiiiite! :D
  3. Hello Diana. Thank you for the welcome!

    You are very cute, judging from your photo ♥
  4. Woaaaa~ all the sexy people in this thread makes me happy.
  5. hello X3 *bows* how are you and welcome
  6. Welcome aboard, meatbag!
  7. M-Miharuuuu!! :bouquet::bouquet:

    You are as cute as always >w<
  8. Oh it's the fellow monday hater. Thank you very much *bro fists*