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  1. Hey there, nice to meet you all. My real name is Castiel, but everybody calls Cassette.

    I decided to join Iwaku because...actually, I'm not sure why I did. I just somehow found this page, and decided I may as well join. I used to roleplay a lot, but that was a couple of years ago. I hope to get back into roleplaying here, so do excuse me if I'm rusty!

    Feel free to invite me to any type of roleplay. I particularly like group roleplays with magic in, but I'm willing to take a look at anything. Se you around!
  2. *takes a bow*Greetings Castiel and welcome to this wonderful cite! I hope you have a wonderful time here and make many wonderful memories and meet awesome people. :3
  3. Hi there Cass! Welcome to the site! :D
  4. Welcome Casette.
    We've got a ton of magic based role plays; I'd recommend poking around in the fantasy forums for something you like, we're sure to have something to your taste.
  5. Thanks for welcoming. It looks like there's plenty to poke around in here.
  6. hey ^.^ we always need more fantasy role-players and I hope I'll se you around
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.