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  1. Hi! Just joined this site since I wanted do some roleplaying.

    As my username suggests, I'm Nise! And I am petite. (And female.)

    Currently I am 21 and am a college student, but I am taking a break this spring semester, so I definitely have a lot of time on my hands! I also am working, but it's not intense or anything so I should be fine.

    While I am new to this site, I am not new to roleplaying. I have joined other roleplays in the past, and I am just seeing what else there is to be offered. I love group roleplays and one on one's, but I've been having trouble finding the right one that has caught my eye in a while. A lot of the time, it's been the generic kind, and I'm looking for something that's my cup of tea.

    Either way, I hope I will find something that's more my speed here!

    Please feel free to talk to me! Sorry if I don't reply quickly.
  2. It isn't your fault for not replying quickly! Hi, I'm wildpelt!
  3. Welcome, Nise! There quite a variety here, from what I have seen in my brief time here. So hopefully you find your 'cup of tea'!
  4. Hello! Thanks for the welcome! c:
  5. You mentioned generic rps. What do you mean by that?
  6. I hope so too! I did a little bit of browsing, and so far, this place is very diverse.~
  7. Oh, by generic, I mean like the plots have been done a thousand times before. For example, there has been a lot of Angels vs. Demons rps, but it just ends up being a boring romance sort of thing where I expected a lot of plot twists.
  8. If you're into plot twists then I'm your guy! But I usually don't because my partner won't let me.
  9. Yay!~ Aw, that's too bad...
  10. Like, I made a simple high school romance become an epic quest to save the neko realm!
  11. Haha, what. Well, that's definitely out there!
  12. Throw me a simple plot you'd want to do and I'll let it go on until I get bored and then add a character briefly and twist the plot!
  13. Haha, I will definitely do so when I get the chance! But as for right now, I have to get to bed since I have a lot of things to do later today.
  14. Howdy Nise! :D Welcome to the site! I hope you can find lots of interesting things to get in to. >:3
  15. Welcome to the site nise, hope you enjoy your stay ^^
    And if you ever feel like peeking at my stories, you have just to show up :D ( I believe they are not generic all in all, hopefully they can be your cup of tea )
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