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  1. I was kind of thinking about how I should start and whatever after joining this website and finishing my profile. It only took me about a day or so for me to think of just introducing myself! xD Genius, I must say!

    Anyways, I'm Dyn. Not my real name, but a lot of people online call me that so might as well be. I'm actually able to drink, just barely. But I think of myself as a little bit younger at heart- and probably helps I also look younger too! I've rped on other sites, but I'm really looking for a place for me to settle down. I can regularly come up with one paragraph posts relatively quickly. But I have posted out to four or five paragraphs consistently- just don't expect me to post four or five paragraph posts more than once a day. I have also posted more, but I really can't do that consistently. ^^;; I do feel like as if I want to write and become a novelist... But I barely have any confidence and I have no idea how I should proceed with that, so maybe I like sticking to rping because of that.

    I have a huge love for anime and video games. I love strategy games, role-playing games, sports games, fighting games, and am starting to come around to shooters. In terms of anime, fighting anime does grab my attention, and mecha is one of my favorites as well. Fantasy and sci-fi is a love of mine as well. Feudal Japan and Medieval Europe has a particular part of my heart. I tend to end up doing romance in my rps more often than not, as well. But, I think the most important thing for me is that there's a plot in mind. Romance is fine, sex is something that I'm not afraid of doing, touching on mature themes is always a plus for me, and fighting is cool... But I guess I just want it all to have a reason behind it. Or maybe that its building towards something?

    Hm... I dunno. Well, don't take this introduction as a way to thin I know exactly what I want. xD At the end of the day, I enjoy writing, like spending time with people, and hopefully won't sound so uptight once you get to know me.

    Well, hello. ^^
  2. Hey-oh, @Dyn01! I'm Levusti, but you can call me Lev!

    Be sure to check the Iwaku Terms of Service and Rules and the List of FAQs to make sure you're aware of all our policies!

    When you're ready to begin, feel free to join in any of the roleplays on the Roleplay Forums or hone and exhibit your craft in our Institute, Creative Challenges, Guild of Worldbuilding, or Museum!

    I see you've completed your Roleplay Resume! It might be a good idea to also create a Roleplay Invitation Request to have people find you! It might not be immediate, but let me tell you from experience you'll get invitations many days afterwards.

    If you have any other questions concerning site navigation or our system, let me or any other member know and we'll be happy to answer you! If we can't answer you, we'll be happy to direct you to someone who can!

    Have fun!

  3. Thank you very much! I'll take my time looking. ^^