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  1. What do you prefer to be called?: Luke
    Boy, girl, or a mystery?: MAN ;)
    How many years young are you?: 21
    Are you new to the site but not to roleplaying?: New to Iwaku, but not new to roleplaying by a long stretch.
    Groups or One on One?: Both!
    Pool or Beach?: Pool!
    SING IT OUT LOUD! What song is tormenting your mind?: NEFELI - beauty.

    Hi guys, I hope I can jump into some fun roleplays here - I've played on a lot of rp sites in the past with strict xp systems e.t.c, so this is going to be a breath of fresh air for me :)
  2. Experience systems?

  3. Welcome to the fun Cobalt. Strict rules here consist of not being a jerk. Look around, explore and find a game that has a plot that won't leave you alone.
  4. Thank you for the welcomes - apologies for the name change, I won't do it again but had a momentary change of mind! Avatar, username matched!

    And yes, the RP sites I played on were kind of the constructed one world type with skill points and everything. I'm looking forward to open roleplays, flitting in and out of worlds.

    Very exciting - and I promise not to be a jerk! :)
  5. Welcome. This is the cutest ever depiction of Baphomet that I have ever set eyes upon.
    (And now the song Baphomet (by Stormlord) is stuck in my head. :D)
  6. Haha! Thanks, I agree, he's very cute. Perhaps, misunderstood lol?
  7. Welcome to Iwaku~ I hope that you can settle in with us crazy (by us, I mean myself) people and participate in some fun games that may or may not break your beliefs on the known world with the madness that is Cthulhu, not that I would know anything about that... >.>
  8. Well that sounds mighty fun!
  9. *glares at the newcomer's avatar*

    We shall be enemies....

    .... or lovers...

  10. Lovermies it is!!!