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  1. I just joined a while ago, so I'll fill out that newbie form for a start:
    What do you prefer to be called?
    Just call me Nintenthong.
    Boy, girl or a mystery?
    I'll just keep it a mystery and keep you guys guessing.
    Are you new to the site, but not to roleplaying?
    I am new to this site, but I've been roleplaying for a while now. I've only recently gotten back into it though, so my roleplaying skills aren't going to be outstanding.
    Groups or One on One?
    I prefer groups, but I wouldn't turn down a One on One if offered.
    I know that's not a lot of information so you guys are free to ask questions if you'd like.
  2. Hi, thong.

    Are you a dragon?
  3. I wish. I actually had that avatar as just a space filler, I've found one I really like now though.
  4. See's it and shivers.

    Eh, MLP rebirth. By which I mean the updated version when saying rebirth. Dragon's are my favorite.
  5. Dragons are pretty awesome, but I just couldn't find a good one and looking for a Skyrim dragon avatar turned up nothing but Xbox Live avatars.
  6. Aw, that's horrible.
  7. It is. I think Queen Chrysalis is lovely too, though.
  8. Yeah in a evil sort of way.
  9. Yes, her and her changelings.
  10. Eh, don't care for her changelings.
  11. Me either, really.
  12. Hey, Ninny!

    D'you think you could write up a quick resume? Nobody knows what you want to roleplay!
  13. Oh, yeah I forgot about that. I'll type one up when I get back home today.