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So even tho I have done these before im still unsure what to write here, but I guess I can mention a few things.

-Im a 20 year old guy from Norway that is currently jobless and with so much time on my hands I almost want to start handing it out to others.

-I have done rps before, on this site as a matter of fact. The main reason for a new account was that I have been out for so long I felt a fresh start might be the best.

-I write to an okay level and write about 3 paragraphs, but I can write more if given more to work with.

-I mostly tend to stick to 1 on 1 rps, but if there is a group rp that I find fun I will join.
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Welcome to Iwaku. I'm sure you'll find something here that you enjoy, so have fun. And take a cookie.
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