Hey there, world!

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  1. I'm just a girl from a small town. I really like Roleplaying. I picked it up from my sister, so... uh- here I am. :D

    If anyone is interested in Roleplaying, feel free to ask me, okay? Don't be scared! I don't bite... Hard.
  2. *Squints* Wait a minute.... you're not new! XD

    But... welcome to Iwaku again? 8D

    *Wiggles fingers at.* Cooooome to the fooorruuums. Cooooome to theeeeem.
  3. You... aren't new.
    **Joins in the squinting**

    I am confused. But hello and welcome back, then.
    Happy playing!
  4. I am the Toast King, King of the Moon. Hello, welcome to the MOOOOON.
  5. Hello NotANewbie! I don't know you so I figured I'd say hi anyway. :D