Hey There Stranger (Rocky x Zack)

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  1. (Didn't really know what to expect in the roleplay so I sort of guessed with the tags.)

    Rocky felt light headed, the edges of her vision growing hazy and dark. She knew she didn't have long to find a place to rest before she passes out. Running through the neighborhood she checked the address on a ripped up piece of paper before stopping in front of a house. Jogging up to the front door she banged her hand against it shouting "Zack! Open the damn door!"
  2. Zack frowned at the door. Who was knocking this time of night. The voice sounded vaguely familiar but he couldn't place it. He got up off his chair where he had been reading. He opened the door. He stared at the woman he saw there in saw and surprise. He blinked his eyes to make sure he wasn't eyeing things. When the woman in front of him didn't change he rubbed them because this had to be a dream. The person he thought he saw on his step could really be the person he thought she was. That person had vanished without a trace years ago. "Rocky?"
  3. "Hi Zack, long time no see." Rocky smiles hazily she felt her knees buckle a little and she nearly stumbled into him. "Do you think I could come in?" she asked. There was a large gash in her side the was bleeding steadily. Dirt covered nearly all of her body and dried blood was crusted on her skin and in her hair. Her left eye was starting to swell up a bit, her lip was busted and split. Her knees buckled again and this time she fell to her knees, wincing in pain.
  4. Zack automatically reached out to catch her. He easily swept her into his arms. He frowned at his slight her weight was. He carried her into the house. He hurried through the house to his room. He gently laid her on the bed before rushing into the bathroom to grab a washcloth and the first aide kit.
  5. Rocky felt herself being picked up, her eyesight was fading in and out. When her sight finally managed to focus again she found herself laying on top of soft sheets. "Zack?" she calls out her voice slightly hoarse, she tried sitting up but flinched feeling a stabbing pain in her gut. Yep internal bleeding, she thought to herself. Just great. She'd have to lay down for a couple of hours before her body finally fixed itself. Thank whatever power for supernatural healing powers. Rocky looked down at her cut up knuckles, she could already see the cuts starting to close up.
  6. "Hang on Rocky." Zack holled. Hurried out if the bathroom to the bed. The first thing he did was wash her wounds. He frowned at her knuckles. He could have swear that they had been worse. He shook his head. That didn't matter. He gently washed her face. He paused when he face was completely clean. "It really is you."
  7. "No I'm actually Rocky's evil twin, Roxy." Rocky rolled her eyes "Of course it's me dummy." she said lightly pushing his shoulder. She looked at him up and down and grinned "Whoa you got old man!" she laughed and poked his face "Is that a wrinkle!" she gasped in mock terror.
  8. Zack pulled her into a hugged. He held her tightly against him. "Brat." He replied to her teasing. His eyes filled with tears. Rocky had been Hus best friend growing up. She had literally been his rock. "Gods I've missed you. Where have you been? Are you alright? Never mind let me patch you up and than we'll talk."
  9. Rocky hugged him back tightly and sighed "You're not going to believe what's happened." and pulled back. She felt a pulling in her gut, her eyes starting to sting. Shaking she started to cry into Zack's shoulder. "I've r-really fuckin missed you." she sobbed holding him tight.
  10. Zack honestly could think of a single time he had seen Rocky cry. He held her tightly. He didn't know what she had been through but he swear that no one would ever take her from him again. "All that matters is that your back. I'm never losing you again. I'll handcuff you to me if I have to!
  11. "Kinky as ever Zack." She smiled through tears. She pulled back from the hug and looked down at her dirty clothes "Do you think I could use your shower? I'm kind of gross." she grimaced "I think I'm good to stand now." she said sitting up in the bed. "Oh and do you have any alcohol? I could really use a drink right now to be honest."
  12. Zack started to roll his eyes but stopped. Rocky wouldn't know that he didn't touch alcohol. He hadn't been there when he decided to allow alcohol to replace his missing friend. "Of course you can use the shower. I'll get you some of my old clothes to put on. And I'll see what I have for alcohol."
  13. "Thanks." Rocky smiled and hopped out of bed. She started stripping off her clothes, throwing the dirt and blood encrusted clothes into a pile. She walked over to the bathroom door and opened it, disappearing inside. Looking around she smiled and started up the shower, waiting for the water to warm up. Jumping into the warm water she sighed, loving the feeling of warm water running over her sore muscles. Picking up the bar of soap she went to work scrubbing the dirt and grime off of her. Satisfied with her work she went onto washing her hair and the rest of her showering routine.
  14. Zack was surprised at his quickly she moved. Maybe he wasn't as hurt as he thought. He gathered her dirty clothes. He decided that he wasn't going to try to clean them. He set a pair of old jogging pants and a tshirt on the bathroom sink for her. Than he headed downstairs. He tossed her old close away. He ran to the store and grabbed a bottle of grey goose before returning.
  15. Rocky rinsed herself off and stepped out of shower, turning off the running water. Grabbing a clean looking towel she dried herself off. She quickly grabbed the clothes that Zack had set out for her and threw them on. They felt soft warm and she smiled, they smelled like Zach, she couldn't help but sniff them. That was kind of creepy, Rocky thought to herself but shrugged. She padded out to the living room looking around for her friend.

    (Oh forgot to mention she also has pierced nipples and her hips are pierced)
  16. Zack handed her the bottle of Grey Goose when she came down the stairs. He liked the way his old clothes looked on her. He lead her to the couch. "You look a lot better."
  17. "I feel a lot better." she said as she opened the bottle of vodka, taking a swig. Looking down at her hand and arms she grinned and held them out "Most of the cuts a bruises are gone now, the internal bleeding should be fixed in a couple of hours." she was right, most of her cuts and scrapes were nothing more than pale scars or tiny scabs. Taking another drink from the bottle she looked up at Zack "So I'm assuming you want to hear a story now, right?"
  18. Zack frowned at her words. Nothing she was saying made any sense. How could the external injuries be almost hesled? He didn't even Wang go think about tgd intenal injuries she mentioned. What the hell was going on. He sat next to her. "Damn straight I want to know what happened that day."
  19. "You are so not going to believe this." she muttered then straightened herself out "One rule though, you can't interrupt me with questions until I'm finished." not waiting for a reply she took another drink of the vodka, she knew she'd more alcohol to tell this story. "First off all those things about monsters you heard about when you were little? All true. There are werewolves, vampires, ghosts, ghouls, even the boogeyman exists. It wasn't a psycho-killer that killed my family, it was a fuckin' werewolf! Came ripping through the house like a hurricane, killed my parents and Jax, and left me for dead," She paused and lifted up her shirt revealing a giant scar running across her stomach "Fucking bitch nearly ripped my guts out. I was scared, Zack, I was so fuckin' scared. I had passed out and when I woke up I was perfectly fine, there was just the scar and the corpses of my family around me. So I did the first thing that came to mind. I ran. I ran for miles without getting tired, I was two counties over when I finally passed out in the woods. And I guess I've been running ever since, met some interesting people. This whole time I was trying to track down the cunt that slaughtered my family and I finally got a hit on her location. She's still living in our hometown. You know that old shack we used to be afraid of going near as kids? She and a few other beasties are hiding out in there. So I went after her. She chased me off the lot with her buddies." She smiled a little "Not to be creepy but I always kept an eye on you, and I was in pretty bad shape so I thought I'd stop on by." she chuckled.

    (reminder she still doesn't know her sister was also found missing when the police arrived.)
  20. Zack stared at her in disbelief. Not because of the monster and creatures but because she had watched him struggle with her absence for years and had done nothing to help him. He stood to his feet and began pacing the floor. "So your family got killed by a werewolf. Instead of running to me your best friend you run half way across the country? When you finally return here you don't contact me. You watch me struggle with your disappearsnce and my failure for years without a word of any kind to me." He turned to her with anger and hurt in his eyes. "Did you know a drank away the first year you were gone? Or that my mother kicked me out of the house? Did you know I struggled on the streets for almost two years before I pilled myself together?" He snapped at her. "I thought you were dead or worse. But no. Your perfectly fine." He shook his head. "I'm going to bed. You're welcome yo sleep on the couch. But I want you gone tomorrow."