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  1. The abyss awaits, the voice whispered to him.

    Go, the voice bid him, the abyss awaits YOU.

    Tzu found himself hesitant at first; the abyss seemed dark, not just on the outside, but darkness and evil seemed to emanate from it's very existance.

    However... he could hear voices tempting him to enter the dark abyss as well... telling him he would never regret the decision of stepping into the dark and forbidding hole. It was not so bad on the inside, they said.

    Tzu, after five hours on meditating on the subject, after so many voices bidding him to enter, after the peer pressures from the othera who had once entered and came out alive feeling like they had never been before...

    ... entered the dark abyss, ready to face whatever he came to encounter...


    Before anyone deletes this ppst for not being on the proper forum, let me explain xD

    I thought I would introduce my Role-playing and creative skills with a small post. The post was a more dramaticized version of peoplr from the inside and outside of this website pushing me to join the site for the great community and roleplaying on the forums here. I have heard nothing but good things about the people and activities here.

    So i thought i'd give the site a try. (:

    If you have any criticism or comments about the post above please give them, or any questions regarding me or anything else, please do not hesitate to ask(: i hope i'll enjoy my time here(:

    Best regards!- Tzu
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  2. "A journey of a thousands miles must begin with a single step."
    -Lao Tzu

    Hello and welcome to the site! The abyss is neither dark, nor light. It's existence is only the here and now. Cast off the shackles of conventional thinking, of past and present, of sameness and difference. Then, you will see everything as it truly is, boundless and beautiful in the endeavor of day to day life. Darkness exist only in contrast to Light, and light in the duality of darkness. The abyss does not await any single individual to pass through it, for in a manner of speaking we already live in a state like that. Our time here is quick, and should be cherished for when we pass we ascend back to the state of our unborn self, or the self that existed before our parents conceived us. Here within our wonderful site of writers and role players I hope you find some sense of Satori, and enjoy it well as you would any fleeting moment that leaves us before we realize it.
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  3. We're not an abyss... >.>
    A locked box, perhaps, but not anything so hopeless and dark and inescapable as an abyss! It sounds like we're some horrible tribulation to overcome D:

    But anyways, welcome to Iwaku! Have you found any good roleplays yet?