Hey there, friend;

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  1. I'm Catherine, but I prefer Rin.

    I am 19 and currently going to school for theatrical arts, so maybe I'll be in a featured film :)
    I am the baby of 7 children- so trust me, I understand patience.
    Hmmm, I love roleplaying, have been doing it for about 7+ years.
    I am NOT perfect, I will mess up from time to time.
    Well this a little piece of me, nice to meet ya!
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  2. *smiles* hello Rin! I'm Hollow welcome the site! (I love theatrical arts! And I take it to in school!)
  3. Welcome Rin! Ill have to keep my eye out (good luck with auditions!) and are you the 7th daughter of a 7th daughter O.o?
  4. Hello Rin! Welcome to Iwaku ^ ^ also very interesting fact about your patience level :o , I've only had 1 older brother, it makes me wonder what it's like to have 7 siblings

    Also I see that you take theatrical arts, and that's awesome! I've always wanted to be a actor or a voice actor!
  5. Thank you :3 and no, I wish! That would be very interesting, though!

    :p it really takes a toll on one, haha! I mean, not only am I the baby but I am the only girl so at times, I really want to pull my hair out. I'm a twin and my twin, Carter sometimes makes things easier. But then there is Blake, Nolan, Samuel, Vince, and Mitchel- and oh my god... hahah!

    And thank you, it's super fun and honestly so rewarding. Go for it, it's the best thing I've ever done!
  6. I used to do theatrical arts in high school. I find it pretty fun, although I never learned how to deal with people, which is why I'm in school majoring in engineering instead xD welcome to iwaku. It's a fun place, and it helps me take care of my artistic side the way theater used to.
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  7. Good to have you here Rin!
    That's awesome to hear you've been Rping for 7 years and counting! Never let that part of you go!
    Role-playing has always been part of my life and it's good share the dream.
    Enjoy and have fun!
  8. 7 siblings, a bit crowded eh? Probably fun though...

    Heya Rin! Welcome to Iwaku! ask for help, if you need it, and enjoy playing the mess out of some roles!
  9. Hihi Rin, welcome aboard! ^o^