Hey there everyone

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  1. So ever since another site that I was on started to die I began to look for a new site to RP on, but was never quite able to find one that suited my needs. I have tried numerous sites but none had the feel of the old one, so I was lost adrift in the seas of the Internet, recently I visited the old website to see that the domain had expired so I went to the facebook group and saw a post recommending this website. So here I am Everlasting Nirvana or EN for short, Im unsure if others from that site are here or if they will remember me since I stopped visiting the site frequently, but if any of yall have any questions feel free to ask. Also I will be going off to basic training for the ARMY soon, so I will not be around for a whole long time before that.
  2. Welcome to your new RP home EN, even if it is going to be temporary! :D Just know that the love in our hearts lasts forever...Here, take this welcome balloon! *Balloon* Enjoy your stay. :)
  3. Well i will return during AIT as well as when I return home so don't think of it as just a temporary stay, Ill just be taking a temporary leave of absence is all.
  4. Hihi En! :D Welcome to the site! Hopefully we can be a good fit for you!