Hey there everyone! :3

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  1. Hey everybody Remie here!
    Ok I should probably start of with this. I am not new here, I have had an account for this website before but I decided to delete it. Now two months later I missed it so I decided to come back! :D So if anyone wants to RP with me just let me know ^^
  2. they always come back! >:3

    Welcome back Remie! 8D
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  3. Its true lol XD. I just couldn't stay away lol. Well thanks! :D
  4. Well Remie, welcome. Even though I am totally new here, glad that you came back. :)
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  5. Well thanks! Good to be back! And welcome to IWAKU!:D
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  6. REMIE!!!!
    Actually, no... I don't know you ^^; Welcome back to Iwaku!!
  7. Well thanks! :D I have already gotten active on this website and made my own RP XP