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  1. I am a newbie on here yes. I don't know how well I will like it here. I might stay on here or I might never go on again. I won't know until I decide that for myself.. In the meanwhile. My name is Rene, but you can call me Nene or Renene or Rainbow. It doesn't matter to me. I like nicknames and I have a few by various different people I talk to in real life. I joined here for the role playing part because I have been role playing for years, but I think that solia goes a little too slow sometimes and I need other options of people to role play with c:
  2. Hiya person with many nicknames!

    Welcome to Iwaku! If you're looking for a roleplay I'd be willing to do one with you. I try to think that I'm a pretty flexible person xD
    By the way, who's awesome? You're awesome!
  3. I love your Pon & Zi avatar 8D

    I hope you decide you like it here; if you ever want a partner I'm down for pretty much anything anytime n_n

    BTW I wasn't sure about this site at first either, but its really fun! Lots of events and ice breakers and workshops and I especially love the themed festival months (Fantasy Month was awesome)
  4. "I get the same thing- I'm ponderin' whether or not to stay or go. Depends if the RP's are good. But I can assure you what I see now is pretty good- and people are active a lot. So I doubt you'll be ignored.
    "Hope to see you around!"
  5. [​IMG]

    Cause everyone likes penguins... Especially baby ones!

    But yes, My name is Kal. I like penguins.
    I have been on for about 6 months, and like you, I was very iffy about this place. But, you learn to love it, and the people.
    If you ever need a partner or anything, I love to roleplay about EVERYTHING. So feel free to message me! :D​