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  1. Hi there, I'm StolenBook and am new to this site. I'm 13 years old, female (though I'm open to role-playing both genders) and I live in the UK. Apparently I have a posh accent but I think it's just that I have more of a vocabulary than most kids my age.
    I'm a big fan of horror (Stephen King especially) despite my age and know several good ways to kill someone. There's also this big gaping hole in my heart where empathy, social skills and other emotions are missing. I might be a psychopath.
    I'm a major nerd/fangirl and love books. The Book Thief was the inspiration for my username so I'd recommend reading it. I quite like anime/manga (so much that I have a cape with the wings of freedom on) and an currently reading Tokyo Ghoul.
    I'd say I'm okay at writing (for my age at least). I have a fanfiction account under the same name that has more information about and a couple of discontinued stories.
    I'm up for most types of roleplay although I'm not too keen on romance. If there's a different plot and the romance is just a side plot then fine but no straight on love story.
    I think that's all there is to know... feel free to message me for a roleplay or just a chat.
  2. Iwaku! Not greeting a newbie, how rude! :P Just kidding! Hello, Stolen, Welcome to Iwaku, please make yourself at home. I'm simply a gamer girl, who has a slight love for roleplaying. You, as well as everyone else, may call me Kelsi. I really hope you aren't planning on killing anyone with those 'ways', outside of roleplay :P
  3. "Well hello, dear child, welcome. I'm Valentine Corangula, and I hope you enjoy your time on Iwaku." He takes out a nicely wrapped red and white stripped box with a big ruffled red bow slapped on, from his coat pocket. "Take this and use it wisely. A psychopath doesn't wildly swing," his ruby eyes goes up toward the moon." They plan..". With a crooked smile, he disappears. Inside the box sat a well crafted sliver knife. Engraved on the handle simply said." Welcome to the tea party"
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.