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  1. Ok, so like I've been here a while and so far I have a decent amount of people I like rping with...about 3 or 4. I'm still looking for more though and I figure putting this up would help me out, I should put up my list of fandoms I am willing to rp and or OC rps, I mainly do yaoi MxM, that's all I do...I can't seem to do straight rp's...I've tried but there are few where I will.


    Invader Zim
    Rise of the Guardians
    How to train your dragon (I'll do a cross over of this and RoTG JackXHiccup)
    Courage The Cowardly Dog (KatzXCourage)
    Ed, Edd, N Eddy
    One Piece
    Soul Eater
    Teen Titans (I'm willing to do a BeastboyXRaven)
    xxxHolic (I wanna try it)

    That's about it for the fandoms, if your interested please comment :)

    OC rp


    I can get into mature content, and I can be either Seme or Uke but there are some rp's where I would prefer to be the Uke. I know I don't have all of what I want to rp on there so just ask for another one and we'll see if I'm interested or would like to try it...I kind of suck at coming up with plots so when I do it's sort of a rare jem and they don't exactly come out very well at times so sometimes I'll have us both think of something interesting or we could just let the rp take it's course.
  2. Hey I'm interested.
  3. Sweet! fandom or oc?
  4. I'm thinking OC
  5. okies, which were you interested in or did you have other ideas?
  6. jock x goth, friend x friend, master x slave, and prince x servant
  7. mkay, I have a plot idea for the gothXJock rp so far, I would like to do the masterXslave one to :)

    here's the gothXjock (Admittedly I kinda suck at being the jock but I'll try my best if you prefer to be the goth)

    So they have the same class and they don't really like each other but in the class they have together the teacher decides to put them together for a project (I still have yet to think of a project they could work on) and they aren't too thrilled about it. As they start working on it they slowly start to like each other...it sounded better in my head.
  8. I like the plot a lot. Sure, I can be the goth, I already have a male goth character that i'm working with. Hmmmm master x slave would be quite intriguing. I was thinking the jock has a secret crush on the goth.
  9. That sounds good to :) If you want to do a masterXslave we can. Did you wanna do this via thread or pm?
  10. let's work with the goth x jock first before we go into the master x slave. or we could over skype if your interested.
  11. Skype is good. my username is zadzap.
  12. Alright, mine is reawear. and you're added.
  13. Is it still open?
  14. yes it is :)
  15. yo still open i would love to do
    princex slave (neko slave if thats ok)
    soul eater
    And all in with Rise of the Guardians
  16. Awesome! I am always open for new rp's.

    I would love to do PrinceXneko slave, what pairings in Soul Eater and Rise of The Guardians?
  17. I am up with any paring just that Rise of the guardians i am so been jake forst or in soul eater its black star i am real good at him
  18. Ok, but what pairing in Rise of the guardians?
  19. you chose i dont mind what you pick i just want to be jake
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