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  1. How's it going?!

    I'm MachinaWriter, or Machina, or MW. Whatever is easiest for you. I'm a refugee from the site GaiaOnline, where I started noticing a decline in the quality of roleplays the site had to offer. When the drought got too bad, I had to abandon my home, my roleplays, and my family to seek life somewhere else. A few of us made the journey...I'm the only one who survived.

    Anyways, that's how I ended up at Iwaku! In a nutshell. I'm an avid writer, and I'm even currently working creative lead on an upcoming graphic novel [which even started as a roleplay]! So storytelling is my life. I look forward to roleplaying with the people here. So say hello, and let me know there's life here on Iwaku ^_^
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    I mean, welcome to the community, Machina! :D
  3. Haha, great welcome! I'm now actually looking forward to being on this site a lot more ^_^
  4. Whispers in the darkest corner of the Iwaku's lounge room..~

    Fu fu .. While she pets her oversized Tiger. Please enjoy your stay here, xD

    Welcome to the Madness my dear :3
  5. O_O;;

    I think I will. Thanks for the welcome, PureKor, and...umm...PureKor's...umm...tiger xD
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  6. Yes I am the Tiger of Iwaku..:3 fu fu ~. Floats around on her tiger above the forum munching Oreo biscuits xD

    See you around ^^
  7. Hello hello
    Welcome to the hall of stories
    Hope you enjoy RPing with us fellow Iwakuians ^^
  8. Heya! Welcome to Iwaku! I am Domeki Sato. If you need a buddy give me a shout.
    Hope you can handle Insanity. blackstarsouleatergif_zps770b386d.gif
  9. Thanks, Domeki. I appreciate it.
  10. New here as well, I hope this home will be as comfortable and as crazy as your other one was to you through out your stay!

    *Pulls a deck of cards with a blue backing to them, and flings a card into the air from the deck. It dances for a moment slowly surrounding with blue, red, and purple flames. It lands nearby you on a table and extinguishes, leaving the card untouched*
  11. Man, so I found a link about worldbuilding: skies on this site and it really got me thinking. And I've developed a concept for a whole new, fantasy/scifi kind of story I'm calling History of Stars. I like the site already xD

    And nice to meet you, Neural!
  12. If you're willing to have a *bit of luck* in your story, I would like to ask if it is a role play you'd be doing on here or is it for a graphic novel?
  13. It'll likely be a roleplay. I like to test the waters, anyways. Sort of like an interest check. My concept is that the night sky of this world is dominated by really bright stars, of multiple colours. The strength of this visual image has been in human minds since before writing. They would look to the stars, and wonder at the amazing lights that seem to form around hues. They gave the stars names, and told stories about them. Constellations were kingdoms, and each star was that kingdom's greatest heroes. The idea is this. One star in the Kingdom [aka, "constellation"] Azure, may have many stories about it. Some cultures may talk about a story where they call that star Asmos, and he was a great warrior. In another culture, they may call that star Lenale, and it was a woman with an epic of her own. But all of these are seen as correct. Studying the stars has revealed that each of those stars are, of course, suns much like our own, with planets and moons circling them. They believe that each of those stars has life on them, with heroes and warriors. And so that star, sometimes called Asmos, sometimes Lenale, sometimes something entirely different, is a representation of the different heroes who have lived on the planet around that sun. That each of them are true. Different epics of different people who at separate times in that sun's world's history, saved it from destruction and became the new embodiment of the sun.

    It is believed now that someday, our own world will face a similar destruction. And that from us, someone will absorb the power of the sun [from which all magic comes from] and save everyone while sacrificing themselves. The sun will be reborn and the world will live on, but the person will die. At that point, our sun will become one of those coloured stars. The actions and personality of that hero will determine the colour of the sun and that will determine what kingdom we become apart of. What "constellation" we become apart of. So essentially there are two kinds of suns in the universe. Regular suns, which have never had a hero. These suns look like our own. Then there are the brilliant suns of colour. The purple stars, the green ones, the red ones, the pink and so forth. Each of these forming kingdoms based off their colour. I image there being only four or so true kingdoms. And that on the planet of this story, there would be real world models of those kingdoms. So there would be a constellation known as the Azure Kingdom, the Emerald Empire, the Umber Empire, and maybe something like the Magenta Kingdom. You get the point. And that on our planet, the one in the story, there would be a real world kingdom or empire based off those constellations or "sky kingdoms". Pretty much modeling their kingdom off these fictitious stories, much like many old world kingdoms in real life try and make a link to religious stories or mythology. Claiming connection to the Greek Gods in the city of Athens, Emperor of Japan having divine blood, etc. Here, the stars are the most powerful deities. It is how kingdoms have crafted their moralities, and their traditions. Off the ancient oral stories of these stars. Each star, each hero of these distant legends, often represent something. Many towns may have a single star they model themselves after. So on the planet [let's call the planet Asteria for now], in their Azure Kingdom, they may have many cities and towns that worship or model themselves after stars within the Azure Constellation or SkyKingdom.

    The conflict I'm thinking of would have to do with the constellation that isn't seen. The Lightless Stars, similar to black holes, but different. This is the universal enemy and the great conflict that stars eventually face, either creating a hero that saves them and places their planet in the History of Stars, or becoming a Lightless Star themselves. I imagine it working similar to an invasion, though. Oh, and there's a moon that has cycles that wax and wane over the course of twenty year periods, where each twenty years, for two days, the moon actually breaks Asteria's atmosphere, over a desolate continent/island no one lives on any more, because of the storms that happen when the moon reaches that low. The moon breaks the atmosphere, but never touches the surface, right around that island. It lasts two days, before going back up and restarting the twenty year cycle of rising and falling throughout the year, gradually getting closer before doing it all over again. When it breaks the surface over this island, it generates a great storm, whose effects are felt all over the world. No one sails for those two days, anywhere.

    I'm figuring out how to streamline and make the idea easier to understand, but that's the rough concept so far of what I have in mind for the setting.
  14. Oh my Gorgonzola, that sounds fantastic!
  15. I'm still fleshing out the details xD But thank you, that's good to know XDD
  16. Hello! I'm a refugee from Gaia, as well. I disappear for a couple months and it goes to shit! What the hell! Anyways, I just started today. Welcome!
  17. I very much like the concept, Any good villainous characters to play? :?
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