Hey, people.

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  1. Hey, all. I'm ShizukaAyame, but you can call me Shizuka or Ayame.
    I just started RPing a couple months ago on another site and I found that I liked it a lot, so I decided to find a site that dealt primarily in RPs. After checking around a little, I decided this one looked like it was worth a shot, so here I am.
    I'm really hoping that on a site dedicated to RPs there won't be a mass of idiotic one-liners or people who write with really poor grammar.
    Hum-diddily-dum...I think that's good enough for now.
    My profile is updated with my role-playing preferences, so check it out if you're interested in possibly role-playing with a newbie like myself.

  2. Why hello there, Shizuka. Welcome to Iwaku!

    You've only been RPing for a few months? Well stop by the
    Academy and show us your stuff!

    And here's the place to go if you're ready to just
    jump into the fun.

    Should you need anything, please ask!
  3. Welcome!

    It looks like Juku has you all set up with the links. -thumbs up to turtle bro-

    I hope you find those links useful.

    Enjoy your stay here and welcome to the family.

    If you need any other help, feel free to ask us!
  4. Good evening Ayame!
    Glad for you to join the Iwaku group! All happy to have you here!
    Enjoy your time! :D
  5. Shizuka, welcome to Iwaku!

    Yet another one who comes for more roleplay sweetness!
    I also found out about roleplay in a forum that had nothing to do about it, and decided to get into somewhere more specialized.
    ('Cos I'm such a specialist :p )
    Here, have some cookies!