Hey people~ ^w^ Just wanted to introduce myself and make friends lol~ So yes~ im new here and CONFUS



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Hello~ :3 I go by Spade~

It's nice to meet you all lovely people! 8'D But i have a strange feeling i will be ignored lol xD OH WELL! I would love to talk and chat with you~ just..uhhh post? xD and i willl reply~ :3 If i don't..well im most likely spacing out or..not on xD I would love to make new friends~ :'D and i usually rp on msn or dA chat lol xD but i will try here?..idk? xD im in for something new~ xD...though this site hurts my brain xD it confuses me at times ^^" Oh and if you wanna rp~ im willing to~ 8'D im soo bored xD so yup~ thats all i got~ xB


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Wanna rp deary~? I'm kinda addicted but I'm only in one group~


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Welcome to Iwaku and it is my pleasure to tell you...
I believe you have successfully made the longest thread title Iwaku has ever known. Congratulations, Miss Spade. I am Tenebrae, but you may call me Tene if you wish, although Tenebrae suits me just as well.
I hope you find your way into a mass amount of rps...which will probably happen. We like kidnap in these parts. ~winks~
I bid you, adieu.


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Well hello!
I like your style and enthusiasm. I'm Kitti, it's nice to meet you.
You shall not be ignored!
To just talk, there's the Cbox function as well as our General board.
To roleplay... You should fill out our Roleplay Resume and then sign up for rolelays in the Roleplay Signup section to get started with everything.
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!


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I enjoy Fantasy, Scifi, Romance, Magical, Modern and much more. I probably can't list them all! If there is something you want to try and it isn't listed here, just ask. I rarely say no!
Welcome Spade, I hope you enjoy the site and all its wonders! make sure to look around and check out everything. Also, trying joining a group or two and chat about stuff, you might also find some RP's that way as well! 83


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Why on earth would you get ignored...? o__o

... are you one of those creeper weirdos...? .____.;

if not, welcome to the site! XD Your confusion will pass soon enough. Snoop around and read things! It's the fastest way to figure them out. Or join us in the cbox if you'd like to get to know several people all at once.


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yep, I'm confused too. Nice to meet you though. Nice to meet you, if you wanna PM me, that'd be just fine, most people here are friendly, me included <3


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Wassup, Spade? Nice to meet you! You seem like an awesome gal, we ought to RP sometime ;) I'm new to the site, too, so we can be confused together! And oh dear o.o Don't bite me! D:

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That's possibly the largest Intro Thread title I've seen in a long time.

Welcome to Iwaku, ShovelSpade.


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Biting?. . . * w*
Did..someone say..biting? <3


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Long thread title here

Vay, global mod and such. I make your questions are my business. I make the disappear and give you answers. Oh and One more thing. I bite back.