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  1. So as it happens, the majority of my RPs have somewhat...fizzled. Ended. Died. Kaput. Ceased to be.

    Not that I had many, honestly. But I would like a few, you know? Something engaging, exciting, with a good twisty plot and great character chemistry. I'm in the mood for romance, but nothing too sappy and syrupy. As long as you're in the correct age group, I would also not be opposed to this having a mature scene or two. I'm a big fan of organic development over shoehorning. I also really enjoy apocalyptic or modern fantasy settings, but I'm certainly not limited to that. From steampunk to cyberpunk, I'm very flexible. Any of this sound interesting yet, potential partner?

    Speaking of potential partners, here are a few things that I'm looking for in mine. Someone who posts regularly, though it certainly doesn't have to be every day. Someone who can match the length of my own posts and who enjoys a fair amount of description and setting the scene. Someone who isn't afraid to introduce NPCs to facilitate the moving along of the plot and who isn't passive.

    So let's plot together! The only thing I must say that I want specifically is to play the part of the lady for this one. In everything else, I would really like to work with you so that we can both develop a story that we love and are excited about!

    What do you say, will you give me a chance?
  2. PM me some ideas
  3. Well, um, if you'd give me a chance, I'd be happy to plot with you! :D I don't mind playing a gentleman, but maybe we could double up? If not, that's okay, your ideas are still interesting!
  4. Hey :D I'm sure I could keep up with you. And I can play guy characters, probably better than girls, so... Message me if you're interested. I love apocalyptic actiony type stuff too :3
  5. -throws arms out to my sides- SEND THY IDEAS TO MEEEEE~!<3