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  1. Nice t'meetcha! Name's Coons! I've been searchin' around for a few sites to Roleplay on and I ended up dropping by this one on coincidence! I've been Roleplaying about five years and I'm always looking for some coolbros to chill and gush about idiot kids(or adults, whatevah ya want yo) getting into all kinds of shenanigans. Oh, and crying over hurting them. Because as much fun as it is for characters to be happy, it's much sweeter when they're miserable most of the time. //laughs

    Nice to meet all of you duders and dudettes. Drop me a line if you wanna talk and figure somethin' out! I'm a bit shy, but I'll see if I can shop around a bit for something that interests me, maybe doodle some things. I don't bite, trust me.
  2. Doodle you say?

    You should tooootally do the Art challenge before it ends Friday and I post the new one, =3! TOTALLY! And join the Art group, neat things are posted in there...waiting for your eyes to look at them O_O.

    Also, welcome to Iwaku! Plenty of people are shy but after a while, it all rubs off. This is a more welcoming community than most and for good reason. Cause I'm here </end vain comments> /coughs.

    So yeah...welcome. :3
  3. Ooh, art challenge, you say? * 0* Aah, I'm a bit busy with things this week, art-wise, but oh gosh, I'll totally check it out!

    And thanks so much, aaah~ ; 7 ; I'm so happy I was able to join! I hope I make some friends, haha..!
  4. Well the challenges can be done whenever you want to do them, =D. There is no actual time limit! And of course you'll make friends. Everyone is pretty nice around here, :3.
  5. I agree with Cosmos, everyone is friendly here. Most RP websites are not noob friendly but this one is generally accepting.

    Also welcome!
  6. Nice to meet ya! :3 Iwaku is super friendly, so I'm sure you'll be finding great friends and rps in no time! Ohhh, I look forward to seeing your art! <3