Hey, new to this site but definitely not rp.

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  1. Talk to meh! I'm am crazy and in need of people that don't mind making the starter. Tell me if you're interested. I rp very well. Also tell me about this place a little if you care.
  2. Welcome aboard, Bloodwake. I'm October, nice to meet you. We are just like any other forum based RP community, except we do it better!

    I would start by checking out the main forum to get an idea of how we categorize our games and such. In the sign-up section you can find games still accepting characters. If you are looking for some Rp still in the plotting phase check out the Interest check sub-forum, there are new requests for players going up all the time. Or feel free to post your own Rp! We have lots of players ready sign up for new games all the time!

    Hopefully that will get you started. If you have any other specific questions, feel free to ask.
  3. Hey! Welcome to Iwaku :D

    Along with October's advice, I'd say:

    I see you already have a thread in the One x One Request Board! Nice :D

    Maybe if you list more of your theme and genre preferences and possible plot ideas, people will start discussions with you!

    If you give us some more information, even we can help you find some partners :)
  4. I actually mostly rp at chatango, an instant message site so I'm not used to forums and usually tend to dislike them for being slow. But I was referred here from a guy on chatango and I have decided to give it a shot. I'm just really dreading the slowness. I'm very used to one-on-one and really don't like multiple players in the rp because every time I've been in one, there were no turns, everyone just posted when they feel like it and when they do take turns, you have to wait for everyone to be online to move forward.
  5. I actually like to explore any theme or plot, I like to try new things, but obviously, like stated in my rp resume, there are some things I won't do.
  6. Well, in terms of speed, we do have a set-up called "Chat RPs," but those require you to plan it out and set it a time for players to assemble.

    Why don't you try your hand at slower roleplays with turn-posting?

    I'm sure it's different from chatango, but maybe you'll grow to like it?
  7. I'm not saying I speed rp. I punch people that try to speed fight me. I do turn-based paras on chatango, I just says it's faster because it's instant, no refreshing the page over and over again and you can tell when the person left so you don't need to keep checking like a creep.
  8. Sorry, I see what you mean. I misunderstood.
    Well, it's not so much refreshing, but more of just waiting, I guess.

    You should try it, though! It has it's own fun... :] You might like it if you have a plot/roleplay you really enjoy..
  9. *pops in to wave at Wavey*

    ^^ Welcome to Iwaku, Miss! I am Iliana! Enjoy your time at Iwaku learning new stuff and being thrown into rp's and all that jazz.
  10. I like your avatar...
  11. I totally agree with this, but that's why I like group RP's, they match my preference for leisure RP's ^^'

    Anyway, welcome to Iwaku :3 We do have an instant chat here where I believe people RP. I myself have not gone in there, but give it a try?
  12. I agree with Sakura. You should definitely check out the "Chat Rps" as they are basically the same as Chatango chat based rp, except hosted here at Iwaku. Really it nothing at all to do with speed posting, just a different medium (Forum VS Chat). Fortunately we have some AWESOME GMs that run chat games here, unfortunately they don't do it often.

    Forum RP is awesome, but yes, there is gonna be some waiting. Many of our members have jobs/school/social life which makes it difficult for them to reply on a multi-daily basis, or even a daily basis in some cases. Waiting 3 to 4 days between posts in group games is not uncommon in forum RP.

    Again, CHAT RP! That is your ticket!

    Also, If you are looking for partners for a FAST paced game put an interest check thread up specifying that!
  13. Can you make private chats?
  14. No.

    PMs. The private message system is the only private feature we have here, but then your back to the waiting game, lmao.
  15. SUCCESS. :D
  16. *Throws a welcome basket at the crazy lady!*