Hey, new here



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Introduced by my good friend Moonlit Blade, please ignore everything he told you about me. XD
Welcome to the site! I'm TK, or the Murrstress! If you need anything, just holler!
I heard you like like PINEAPPLE SPAM!

Is it true? IS IT?
I also told them you were a great guy, reliable and creative. BUT I GUESS YOU SHOULD ALL DISREGARD THAT STATEMENT.
Actually I hate Pineapples... they gve me a headache. It's something to do with the smell. I can't believe moonlit blade would deliver such a low blow to a poor defenseless newbie.

Oh and I hate coconuts too. (for the same reason) XD
Moonlit Blade would only call me anything positive if I somehow managed to put his mom in the hospital. XD
Vay here for all yo puttin MiB's mama in hospital needs. I got me some fine drain cleamer right here. Poisin ain't yo style I got these here wire cutters, sabotage not yo thing, well you can never go wrong with a good ol' bat, this on here is sighned, it aint real but who's question it when you give 'em a chicargo makeover with this beauty.

Any further questions about this site or puttin' people in hospital feel free to PM me.
I don't know if I can afford youz skills, but I'll keep you in mind if I need help with anything.... malicious.
Hello and welcome to the Iwaku, I am your loving wolf comapanion... um, everyones loving wolf comapanion Shadow Ike and I am the leader of the Wolves of Iwaku. Please do call me Ike, If you've got any questions at all just ask and I may be able to help you.