Hey, name's Lonestar. How ya doin'?

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  1. Ah. Found this place on google during one of my boredom runs. This place seems a bit more tolerable than other places I've seen. I've been roleplaying for more than a year now and I've gotten a bit of experience doing it (and it's really helped my writing that's a double plus).

    Anyway, I really like super power roleplays, but I'll also do sci-fi or hell, anything if it interests me. So, is there any Super power RPs here that are accepting new members? I'm too lazy to look.
  2. Hi! Welcome :D! Unlike you though, I don't like SciFi that much.. but the one I'm doing now is pretty good. ^^ I think I've read something about "school for the supernaturally troubled?" (sort of super powery, I guess) that might peak your interests.. It is in the Fantasy Role play section. Not sure if their sign ups are closed or not. :/ Their thread seems to be picking up a lot of activity lately. I'm sorry I wasn't much help. ^^; But hope you have a good time here! It is great!
  3. Lazyness is for brats! Knock that off! >:[

    But welcome to the community, new guy. It's always nice to get some new faces. :D