Hey my name is hunts ^^

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  1. Hello ^^ I have been on around this site for about.. A week? I'm very good at rping. I've been doing it for a while now. :P Im a very chill dude for the most part. I don't get mad easy. And I don't like arguing with others. It could break apart to good friends. I am not rude or mean. And usually if i say something that is rude I would like to be notified please because i probably didn't mean too. I'm usually a very out going guy. I'm chill. I never truly doubt what someone says unless it's really ridiculous. I love hanging around my friends. Both in Irl and on comp. I respect others peoples choice of religion and sexuality as long as they don't try to change me. I like staying how i am. :P
  2. Sorry, we were kinda looking for a rude, untrusting, militant atheist who could troll our queers.

    If you could show the next the guy in on your way out? Thanks.
  3. -Lulzing at Asmo's post.-

    Ahem, Welcome to Iwaku <3

  4. *views Huntsman's deleted message*

    ...okay then...
  5. Welcome to Iwaku!

    I'm October nice to meet you/