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  1. It's taken me a while to build up the confidence, but I think I'm finally ready to start up a group RP. One-on-one RPs are fine, however, the branching interaction of a bunch of people takes the cake in fun. So, here we are. Unfleshed out RP Ideas are a-go.

    Here we go.

    A R C A N E

    Contrary to popular belief, magic is real, as are the powers held only to the inked covers of comic books. A broad look at the world, how mundane and human it is, would lead one to think otherwise. Well, that just means we're doing an extraordinary job of keeping it a secret. The mystical, whether magical or inherent powers, is something that can potentially benefit the world, and greatly enrich the lives of others, or destroy it due to ignorance. It's because of this that we exist, generations of brilliant minds working in tandem to advance our world. As we all know, knowledge can only go so far without some way to apply it. New hands, young minds, and the power necessary to make a change in the way of both sides. Mundane, and fantastical.

    Students under masters of their unique craft -- apprentices in their own studies, gifted with incredible power, but the experience needed to properly use it lies in the teachings of their masters. Chosen to fly under the wings of their masters, these students come from all walks of life, their histories shaping them into what their masters will mold into their equal.

    Or, on the off chance the student cannot accept this responsibility, the very weight of their destiny might just crush them. Either way, we're dying to see what happens.

    With the annual colloquium on the horizon, we hope to see our best and brightest truly shine soon. Until then, we wait. After all, we are very patient.

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  2. Ayyyy. One down.
  3. I like it, though it is still a mystery to me what the rp will be about XD
  4. Odd.

    So those are basically spellbooks? Well-disguised spellbooks? Do manga perform oriental spells or something?
  5. @Crow A little confused by what you mean by that. Clarify, please?

    @DarkiusHeavenstein Well, I wanted it to go in an adventurous direction with the idea of a prologue I had in mind. *pretends that I wasn't losing my shit because I forgot where I wanted to take this RP because honestly???? It was really early in the morning*

    Well, if I'm remembering what I had thought up correctly, the prologue was going to focus around the students being put through a test of sorts, but not in the ''fight-each-other-to-the-death'' kind of way. The putting your skills and magical knowhow to good use in a controlled, harmless environment. Of course, something goes wrong. An intruder, and a very powerful one at that, has taken direct control of the environment. The place quickly turns against the students now trapped inside the diabolical environment. Despite how chaotic the environment has become, it still appears to be winnable, though it will be much harder to survive the tests if the students don't act fast. With the masters nowhere to be found, the students are alone in a sinister test that just might take their lives.

    ( ๑•́ㅿ•̀๑) ᔆYeah, that's about right.
  6. Thanks for the clarification. I am definitely in!
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