Hey look, another newbie

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  1. Heeey everyone, yeah i'm new here and i guess i should do a short introduction. Here's a small table ->


    N a m e :
    A g e :
    G e n d e r :
    B i r t h d a y :
    F a v o r i t e K i n d of R o l p l a y :
    L y r e n e
    1 5
    F e m a l e
    F e b r u a r y 1 4
    F a n t a s y a n d S c h o o l l i f e

    That's all i could say, you could say though you could ask me other questions about me i don't mind. I'm an open book. I love role playing on different genres i don't mind rping with different kinds of people, basically i'm not that choosy. Actually i'm looking forward with new ideas that everyone makes here, i read some of them and i took interest. Hope we could meet and rp~!


  2. I am an old lady, trying to read that tiny text was hard! ;__; but it is so cute and tiny...

    Welcome to Iwaku, Lyrene! That's a pretty neat name!
  3. Coooool. Nice job using a character sheet as your intro...that is inventive and original.

    I'm October nice to meet you.
  4. Hey! Welcome to Iwaku!
  5. Thank you all for welcoming me~! Sorry if the text was tiny, >_< I'm just so used to typing with tiny text. Huhu.