Hey! Like the PJO and HOO series? How about Fairy tail? Then this is for you!

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  1. Hey!

    We can do Oc's. Or Oc x Canon. Or Canon x Canon. For fairy tail, or percy jackson/heroes of Olympus.

    * <---- those mean I really wanna do it. So lemme list em. If you have ideas, PM me and share! :D

    Nico Di Angelo x Percy Jackson ****************** ( I would love to be Nico for this one! )

    GaJevy ( Gajeel x Levy ) ****** ( I can play either roles! )

    Nico Di Angelo x Oc ************** ( Either role is fine by me! Yaoi is fine. If you don't want Yaoi, it's fine! )

    NaLu ( Natsu x Lucy )* ( I can play either! )

    OC x OC [ Fairy tail universe. Have any questions? PM me. ]

    OC x OC [ Percy jackson/ Heroes of Olympus universe. Have any questions? PM me.]

    And much more! :DDDD

    I say once again. Questions? PM me! :DDDD
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  2. I'd love to do this with you! I honestly have always wanted my character to get screwed by Nico, so I'd like to do the Nico x OC. If it'd be ok, could I be the sub? ((I hope it's ok that I put it here, we can finish this conversation in a PM if you'd like. ^^))